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Premade Toys & Accessories

All Inventory Toys ship within the next business day or your order is on the house! More info here!

The items on this page are all premade and ready to ship! They’re offered on a first-come, first-served basis.
We offer both Ready-Mades and Flops, and you can learn more about both kinds of toys and accessories by checking out our FAQ on item types.

You can filter this page so it shows all toys, just Flops, or just Ready-Mades! You can sort by Size, Name, Color, Price, Flop Reason, and features by clicking the labels at the top of the list.

We aren’t able to offer returns or exchanges on premade toys, so make your purchase carefully!

For more information about purchasing Adoptions, check our Help Center page for answers to frequently asked questions!

All Legacy models, retired designs, and beta toys are sold as-is, with no warranty (express or implied). These models were shelved and retired for a reason; most (if not all) will have irregular textures, minor blemishes, and other quirks that come along with toy models no longer in production. As with all premade toys, there are no returns or exchanges, so please make your purchase carefully!

You may see items for sale in the Adoptions section with options, firmnesses, or colors that are not normally available for purchase. These models are unique one-offs that have occurred for a variety of reasons. We cannot accept, attempt, or honor any requests for duplication of these unique items with irregular features.

Remember that you’ll need to complete checkout and payment for all premade toys within 30 minutes, or they will be removed from your cart and made available for others to purchase!

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IDSizeModelColorPriceDiscountFlop ReasonFirmnessCum tubeSuct. CupPreviewBuy
151038MediumFenrirRogue Color$80.00
Nicks in the tip and near the cumtubeMediumYesNo
151001MediumIkaRogue Color$105.00
Nicks/Specks on the tipMediumNoNo
150990MediumFenrirDuka-cola Quantum$48.00nicks on the shaftMediumYesNo
150983OnesizeKippyRogue Color$63.00imperfection on the bottom of the baseMediumNoNo
150982MediumRexOnyx$88.00imperfection on the bottom of the baseMediumYesNo
150978MediumFenrirCrimson$48.00nicks on shaftMediumYesNo
150972SmallSheathbasiliskOnyx$48.00nick on sleeveSoftNoNo
150969LargeTentacle4th Kind$96.00air bubble on shaft near baseFirmNoNo
150968LargeBlaze4th Kind$108.00air bubble on bottom of base/Speck on the baseSoftYesYes
150967SmallPearce4th Kind$60.00speck on base MediumNoNo
150964XLRolandEctoplasm$104.00Specks on tipMediumYesYes
150956MediumTysonOnyx$80.00air bubble near cumtubeFirmYesYes
150955MediumRidleyOnyx$72.00imperfection on bottom of baseFirm SplitNoYes
150954MediumRexOnyx$88.00imperfection on bottom of baseMediumYesNo
150941MediumTysonOnyx$80.00imperfection on bottom of baseMediumYesNo
150935MediumRolandOnyx$60.00speck on shaftFirmYesNo
150933MediumRexOnyx$88.00air bubble on bottom of base MediumNoYes
150932MediumRexOnyx$88.00imperfection on bottom of baseMediumYesNo
150931MediumAustinOnyx$60.00air bubble on bottom of base MediumNoYes
150930LargeRexRexs Signature$100.00nick on shaftMediumNoYes
150929LargeTysonOnyx$104.00nick on shaftFirmYesYes
150925LargeGryphonRogue Color$96.00speck on base MediumNoYes
150912OnesizeKageCitrus Orange$60.00imperfection on tipMediumNoNo
150908MediumEchoSplit Arctic Ice$76.00speck on shaftFirmYesNo
150899MediumSleipnirSplit Red Stone$88.00nick near cumtubeFirm SplitYesYes
150890MediumEchoEchos Signature$76.00specks in shaftSoftYesNo
150889SmallEchoEchos Signature$56.00speck in baseFirmYesNo
150888XLCrackersConsular Green$160.00speck in shaftFirm SplitYesYes
150886SmallPretzalDukacola Quantum$56.00nick in tipSoftYesNo
150884MiniBlazeGuardian Blue$44.00nick on shaftMediumNoYes
150882MediumNoxGuardian Blue$80.00nick in shaft, nick near tipMediumYesNo
150881SmallEchoEchos Signature$56.00speck in baseMediumYesNo
150880MediumSheathcockRocket Red$56.00nick on sleeveSoftNoNo
150868XLChanceflaredDukacola Quantum$160.00speck in tipMediumNoNo
150866LargeRexRexs Signature$100.00
Nick on the base SoftNoYes
150865MediumRexRexs Signature$88.00imperfection on bottom of baseSoftYesNo
150862OnesizeHannsEmerald Green$72.00imperfection on bottom of baseSoftYesYes
150856MediumKelvinGuardian Blue$60.00imperfection on bottom of baseMediumYesNo
150849LargeBlazeRogue Color$135.00
nick on shaftSoftNoNo
150838LargeBlaze5th Kind$108.00speck on baseMediumNoYes
150835LargeTysonOnyx$104.00airbubble on baseFirmYesYes
150828SmallRidleyRogue Color$60.00
Specks on tipFirm SplitYesNo
150817LargeBumblehoovesDashingly Blue$116.00speck on baseMediumNoNo
150816LargeVergilUltraviolet$96.00nick on tipMediumYesYes
150815SmallEchoUltraviolet$56.00speck on baseMediumNoNo
150813XLChanceflaredStarlight Glow$160.00speck on tipWide SplitYesNo
150812MediumKelvinUltraviolet$60.00speck on shaftMediumYesNo
150810LargeChanceflaredDukacola Quantum$120.00speck in tipSoftYesNo
150809MediumCrackersDukacola Quantum$88.00speck on baseMediumNoYes
150808SmallNocturneNocturnes Signature $60.00nick on shaft\FirmNoYes
150807MiniXarSplit Red Stone$44.00nick near tipSoftYesNo
150805MediumVergilSloppy Seconds$76.00imperfection on bottom of baseFirmYesYes
150803XLVergilRogue Color$120.00speck in tipMediumYesYes
150802MiniFlintEctoplasm$52.00Nick in the shaftMediumYesNo
150800LargeAustinEctoplasm$76.00speck in the tipSoftYesNo
150799MediumFenrirEctoplasm$48.00specks in shaft and baseMediumYesNo
150798MediumRolandRogue Color$60.00nick on baseMediumYesNo
150797SmallUltimatefantasypackerPeach$44.00nick in tipExtra SoftNoNo
150796SmallVergilConsular Green$56.00nick in tip; nick on shaftSoftNoYes
150794LargeVergilSloppy Seconds$96.00imperfection on bottom of baseSoftYesNo
150793XLAustinConsular Green$100.00speck in tipMediumNoYes
150789XLRolandEctoplasm$104.00nick on shaftMediumYesNo
150788MediumFenrirEctoplasm$48.00nick on shaft, speck on the base MediumYesNo
150787LargeAustinBd Pink$76.00speck on baseMediumNoYes
150786XLRexBd Pink$120.00nick near tipMediumNoNo
150785MediumRexBd Pink$88.00Imperfection on bottom of baseMediumYesNo
150783LargeEchoSplit Red Stone$96.00nicks on shaftFirmNoNo
150782SmallNocturneNocturnes Signature $60.00nick on shaftFirmYesNo
150772OnesizeSofiaMoon$104.00nicks on sleeveExtra SoftNoNo
150764OnesizeTwitchWater$104.00speck on front of sleeveExtra SoftNoNo
150763OnesizeTwitchSaturn $104.00nick on front of sleeveExtra SoftNoNo
150760OnesizeLilseadragonEmerald$28.00speck on baseFirmNoNo
150758SmallSheathbasiliskGarnet$48.00nick on sleeveSoftNoNo
150757OnesizeChancesheathGarnet$68.00nick on sleeveSoftNoNo
150756MediumSheathbasiliskGarnet$56.00nick on sleeveSoftNoNo
150753MediumRexOnyx$88.00imperfection on bottom of baseMediumYesNo
150752MediumBlazePunk Rocker$84.00air bubble on base MediumNoYes
150749LargeRazorWhore Red$88.00speck on base SoftYesNo
150744MediumGryphonDiamond$80.00speck on baseMediumNoNo
150742MediumCrackersWinter Wonderland$88.00air bubble on base MediumNoYes
150741LargeBlazeCherry Cordial$108.00base trimmed wideSoftYesYes
150740MediumStanCherry Cordial$96.00base trimmed wideSoftNoNo
150739MediumRexRogue Color$88.00imperfection on bottom of baseMediumYesNo
150738SmallRexHalloween Black$56.00nick on tipMediumYesNo
150737LargeStanSinister Pumpkin$144.00air bubble on base SoftNoYes
150736LargeBlazeCherry Cordial$108.00air bubble on base MediumNoYes
150735LargeVergilCitrine$96.00speck on tipFirmYesYes
150733OnesizeDemondickDemon Dick Signature$72.00nick on tipMediumNoYes
150732OnesizeDemondickDemon Dick Signature$72.00base trimmed wide; nick on shaftMediumNoYes
150727LargeGryphonGarnet$96.00imperfection on bottom of baseFirm SplitYesYes
150726SmallNoxRuby$56.00nick on tipSoftNoNo
150724MediumFenrirRogue Color$48.00
nicks on shaftSoftYesNo
150723SmallAustinSpooky Seconds$48.00nick on baseSoftNoNo
150722MediumPearceRogue Color$84.00nicks on baseMediumYesNo
150721OnesizeMountaindrakeShimmerscale$64.00air bubble on base FirmNoYes
150717SmallTerraStarlight Glow$80.00
Speck on tipMediumYesNo
150707LargeBumblehoovesRogue Color$145.00
Nick on baseSoftNoNo
150629XLEchoRogue Color$145.00
Speck on shaftFirm SplitYesNo
150576MediumFenrirEctoplasm$48.00speck on shaftMediumYesNo
150566MediumSleipnirRogue Color$88.00Speck on tip, air bubble on the bottom of the baseMediumYesYes
Viewing page 1 of 2: Showing 1 to 100 to 161 Flop toys.

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