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New to Bad Dragon?

New to Bad Dragon?

At Bad Dragon, we are proud to offer a wide variety of sizes for our models to help you find the right fit for yourself. Some of our models even range from Mini all the way to XL!

Whether shopping for a Mini, or going all in on an XL, we are confident you will find something for yourself that is both unique and pleasurable. No matter what the need, we are more than happy to give you a great selection of size options!

Here's an example size guide with a soda can for scale:

Photo Size Name Usable Length Circumference
Mini 5.5" 5.5"
Small 7" 6.25"
Medium 8.5" 8.25"
Large 10.35" 10"
Extra Large 12.75" 13.25"

In addition to our wide variety of size choices, we also offer some great features to add to your toys. Our most popular may just be our cum tubes. These long, hollow tubes run through the center of your toy, allowing you to lubricate the toy while in use, or simulate that perfect ejaculation excitement! When combined with our Bad Dragon Cum Lube, our Cum Tubes provide quite the experience! For extra excitement, look for models that are compatible with cum tubes AND suction cups!

Looking to make your toy more colorful in nature? We’ve got you covered. Bad Dragon offers many different color choices for our amazing customers. Whether you get a standard toy color for free, or upgrade to the toy of your wildest dreams, we pride ourselves on the amazing and artistic palette of colors we provide to those who order!

We’ve got another feature that is certain to keep you sticking around for a long time to come-our suction cups. Add a suction cup feature to your toy and stick that Bad Dragon model on almost any surface for some amazing fun. Chairs, tables, walls, floors, just stick it in place and prepare for the ride of a lifetime! For extra excitement, look for models that are compatible with suction cups AND cum tubes!

Go Shopping!

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