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Out the door next day, or it's on the house!

Out the door next day, or it's on the house!

Our “Freaky Fast” shipping guarantees that any available inventory you purchase will ship the next business day* or it’s on us! This is the perfect way to get that new in stock item quickly, so head over to our Adoptions page to take advantage of our Freaky Fast shipping today!

*Scroll below to see full terms and conditions as well as some helpful F.A.Q.s!


  • Any orders that require a ticket, Staff contact, or Staff intervention are ineligible to receive this offer. We will still do our best to ship your order as fast as we can once your ticket is marked as Solved!
  • Purchases that contain any made-to-order items are also exempted from this promotion. Made-to-order items include customized penetrables and insertables, as well as all Were-Ables, Lil’ Squirts, Lil’ Vibes, keychains, and Teenie Weenies.
  • Bad Dragon reserves the right to suspend, discontinue, or modify the promotion at any time at our discretion, with or without notice. This includes (but is not limited to) emergency situations caused by natural disasters, internet or network outages, or Acts of Varka.


Q: If my order isn’t delivered tomorrow, what happens?

A: This promotion only covers the speed at which your order is packaged and leaves our warehouse. We cannot guarantee a specific delivery date since this is in the hands of the courier and determined by the shipping method you purchase during checkout.

Q: My ticket made it so my order didn’t ship the next day. What happens?

A: Any orders that require a ticket, Staff contact, or intervention are unfortunately ineligible for this promotion. However, we will still do our best to ship your order as quickly as possible once your ticket is resolved!

Q: I bought my toy on a weekend (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday) and it didn’t ship out until Monday. What happens?

A: We ship out packages Monday through Friday. Orders placed on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday are guaranteed to ship by the end of the day on the following Monday.

Q: My order contains a custom, made-to-order item, which took more than a day to ship. What happens?

A: Made-to-order items are still subject to manufacturing times. If you purchase both a made-to-order and a ready-made, your order is not eligible for the promotion, and both items will ship when your made-to-order is complete. We cannot split orders so that the ready-made toy is shipped separately before the made-to-order is complete, so please plan your purchases accordingly!

Q: I live in another country, am I still eligible for the promotion?

A: Absolutely! Just keep in mind that the promotion only covers when your order leaves our location, not when it is delivered by the courier.

Q: If my order isn’t shipped on time, how will I receive my store credit?

A: You will be contacted by a Staff member if your order does not ship within our promised deadline, and you will receive a bad-dragon.com store credit equal to the full amount of your purchase price. Store credit can be used towards any future purchase, can be combined with any promotions, and can also be applied towards shipping costs (though not customs fees, duty taxes, or handling charges from our couriers). If you aren’t sure whether or not your order is eligible for the promotion, please feel free to shoot us a ticket with your order number and our Staff will look into it.

Q: What time is it in Arizona right now?

Exclusion dates (updated 11/18/16):

Orders placed within the following time frames will be excluded from the promotion as these are holidays and periods of high order volume.


  • Orders placed on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday are guaranteed to ship by the end of the following Monday

Holidays and high-volume periods:

  • Monday, July 3 and Tuesday, July 4 - American Independence Day blackout

Go Shopping!

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