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2017 Releases

2017 Releases

2017 has brought us many new and fascinating creations, whether it was an update to an existing line, a completely new product line or more of already unique and elaborate collection, we have added lots of great stuff.

Our new Mary redesign offers a complete overhaul of the old. With a new outer sleeve design and reformulated internal texture, our updated Mary is not to be missed!

With the Egg Plug, we introduced a completely new concept to our existing product line. Even we were surprised by how popular this addition to the BD family has been. Order your own and see for yourself!

Axel brought us girth, texture and a full range of sizes that made him a valuable party member for Bad Dragon. Add this wonderfully designed and handcrafted toy to your collection!

We really set the bar high with Zaratan, and this creation went on quite the rampage. With an accommodating curve and one of a kind head, Zaratan will definitely proclaim itself king of your bedroom!

Kona and Leilani were released into the wilds of Bad Dragon as a pair, and have made a splash in our community. Kona has an elegant curve that guarantees stimulating sensation, while Leilani offers a comfortable, delicately designed outer sleeve and exhilirating internal texture. Each of these Bad Dragon toys would be a great addition to any adult toy collection!

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